Good Things Take Time

“Good Things Take Time”

“Good Things Take Time”

As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Recently, I was at a local retail store walking through the home decor section and came across an inspirational sign that said, “Good things take time.” It is so true that anything worthwhile takes time to build. It requires vision, constant learning, dedication, flexibility, patients, and the ability to adapt.

Sometimes, it’s the little steps that one makes that are the most impactful. With building any business it’s important to understand that everything is nothing more than a process. Here is an example, my company byD’zign, LLC is a little over a two-and-a-half-year-old company, and about a year ago, I moved it into a commercial office space. It may be shocking to know that I literally just got my business sign put on the building (See Below). “Costs” to create promotional materials played a part in the delay in getting the business sign up. It just wasn’t a priority in comparison to other promotional materials like business cards, brochures, embroidered shirts, etc. that were going to be used in the day-to-day promotion of my business. One other misconception played a part in the delay in getting my developed. For some reason, I had the idea that a sign was going to cost my business hundreds of dollars. The reality is it wasn’t that expensive at all.

And on Friday, July 22, 2022, my business sign went up! It was an exciting feeling to see byD’zign, LLC’s sign officially on the side of the building. It made my business feel official and more complete. One thing to note about the type of business I started, it was not imperative that I immediately put a sign up outside. Most of my business promotion has been from “word of mouth.” That being said, for some businesses, it is in their best interest to put a sign up as soon as possible.

byD'zign Sign

Now after almost three years since I started my business and sticking with it! I can look back and see just how far I have come with building my business. How much I have learned along this journey! And, how much I still do not know! So, here is the point to this post and it’s in the title, hint hint. To achieve your vision/goal, there are a lot of steps and unknowns in getting to your destination. It will take time and money (investment) to get there, but if you stick with it and don’t give up when things are rough; you will eventually achieve your goal and dream! My encouragement to you is to keep going! When it gets tough, keep going because “Good Things Take Time!”

My name is W. Scott Wilson and I launched byD’zign, LLC to assist in helping small businesses achieve their goals and dream by providing services such as Branding, Graphic Design, Website Development, and Marketing. ByD’Dign, LLC is dedicated to providing quality services to our clients. If you would like to set up a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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