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March madness takes on a new meaning this year in light of the 2020 epidemic that is facing our country and the world right now. Everything is shutting down and businesses are being affected on all market fronts. No March madness basketball, no NHL hockey, no NBA basketball, no NASCAR, and the list goes on. Even colleges and schools are shutting down because of the #COVID-19 virus. So, how are businesses to survive? An even more important question would be how are small businesses supposed to survive when no one is out buying their products and services?

Now in the midst of this crisis, a strong social media marketing presence may be more important than ever to small businesses to keep their brands fresh in the minds of as most everyone who will be home and most likely online. Knowing your audience and having a strong online marketing campaign can mean the difference between your business failing and your business thriving.

An online #marketing campaign is not as simple as creating say a Facebook page and then uploading content. Today there are many moving parts to a successful social media marketing campaign. You have to think about your product and the platform(s) that will best fit your business. In many cases, a successful social media campaign requires multiple platforms to reach many demographics. Because many platforms are involved, this most likely will lead to lots of confusion and chaos for business owners. Not to mention will lead to frustration and an underlying waste of money. Yet, this is the world that we live in. It is a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  

So, what are your options? One is that you continue to research for yourself and figure out how to successfully market on social media, or you hire a professional who has the knowledge and credentials to build the infrastructure and marketing plan.

If you are a small business, have you invested money into a website? If you have a website, have you connected your website to any social media platforms? These are critical components to have in place for effective social media marketing. If you do not have any of these components in place or you feel like your business is lacking in these areas, hope is not lost!

Our company byD’zign, LLC specializes in business branding, website development, and social media marketing. We would be happy to meet with you to explore your options. We will offer free consultations and there are no obligations to purchase our services. Please feel free to check out our website at You may also want to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.